New NBA 2K20 Evo Super Kit provides new features

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On Wednesday, May 6, NBA 2K20 MyTeam announced the launch of the new NBA 2K20 Evo Super Pack. These packages can also be obtained through NBA 2K20 MT. These special packages have 100 different Evolution cards that can be used for random drawing. In addition, 2K20 announced that they have added Evolutions to some existing Galaxy Opal cards in the game.

Evolution cards, commonly called EVO, are player items that players can evolve to have better overall skills and attributes. The NBA 2K20 Evo Super package provides 100 different Evolution cards. These packages will only be provided for 48 hours. From just viewing the limited time cards available in the pack, there are many great players to choose from. From three EVO sapphire players all the way to the Galaxy Opal card we mentioned above.

The new NBA 2K20 EVO super package offers five packages at 11,250 virtual currencies. At least one of these projects is a player, which can be any Evolution player from previous releases. There are also 10 boxes of 101,250 VC and 20 boxes of 202,500 VC. Remember, they only sell for 48 hours on MyTeam Market. However, acquiring NBA 2K20 MT in the game requires a lot of time and effort from the player. Fortunately, you can Buy 2K20 MT on GameMS, which is safe and favorable.

Many of these cards are not too expensive. For example, we recently saw the D-Rose GO sell for 154,600 tons on PS4. The other lists only exceed 100,000 tons. Bol Bol's production on various lists is approximately 154,000 to 254,000 MT. And in the latest list we have seen, EVO LeBron James's offer is about 1.2 million tons or more. Therefore, the player who wants the best game will need a bank account to cover his expenses.


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