Cancel auto subscription via online account

Know the auto subscription cancelleing method via online portal.

Users install lots of programs on the computer or phone. This software performs various tasks and services on the device. In free programs, you can find the setup on the internet and. But when the user needs premium programs then he has to get a subscription. Add programs offer monthly and yearly subscription features. The user has to install the setup on the device. For using premium programs; you can buy a subscription. You can use the functions until your license is active. After expiry, users can't access its paid tools. For using the tool again then you can renew it. Sometimes users want to renew the program regularly. Instead of renewing your program regularly, you can enable the auto-renewal service. When the program expires; auto-renewal will renew the subscription automatically. Canceling auto-renewal service prevents the program's expiration. If you are not using the program anymore then cancel the subscription. After canceling it, your license will not renew and the plan will expire after the subscription date completes.


Canceling the auto-renewal from an online account

When the user wants to check the details of the program etc then he can directly check for the online account. Sometimes the user has lost the device or the device is not working then he needs to cancel the auto-renewal service. Otherwise, the license will renew automatically and you have to pay the sum. When the user can't open the dashboard of the program then he can directly access the account online.

  1. Open the browser and go to the program's website
  2. Choose the My Profile tab
  3. Type the username of your program
  4. Enter the password
  5. Open the profile of your program
  6. Click on the subscription page
  7. You will see the license on the program
  8. Click on the license and then check the auto-renewal mode

If the auto-renewal is enabled then toggle the switch to disable. You will get a confirmation wizard in your window. Choose the confirm button and the subscription for the program will get canceled. Go to an account that is associated with the program's account. You will see cancellation mail on it. Now the program will not renew.


Canceling the subscription using the program's dashboard

Users can also cancel the subscription of the program from its dashboard. When you want to cancel the license subscription; go to your dashboard and check for the subscription window.

  1. Close all programs on the computer
  2. Click on the icon and open the dashboard
  3. Go to My Profile page
  4. Hit on the subscription tab
  5. you will see your license
  6. Check the auto-renewal feature
  7. Toggle your auto-renewal to disable
  8. A license cancel confirmation window will appear
  9. Choose the confirm button

Now the user will see the program license expiration date on the subscription page. On that date, your license will expire. Now your program subscription will not renew. You can renew your program's license whenever you require.


Cancel the program license after auto-renewal

When a user's license gets renewed automatically but doesn't require the program then he can cancel the auto-renewed plan. Many programs have a refund policy on their auto-renewal feature. When the user doesn't require the program then he can cancel. If you are wondering does Avast auto renew provides a refund then check its policy. Some of the plans of Avast antivirus have a refund policy. If your subscription is under refund then cancel the license and contact the technical team for a refund.

  1. Open the web browser and navigate to the Avast website
  2. Tap on My Profile from the homepage
  3. Type the program account credentials
  4. Login to the account
  5. Open the subscription window and select your license
  6. Tap on the Cancel button and select confirm button

Now, the renewed license of your program will be cancelled. Go to the contact tab and ask the technical team for an auto-renewal refund. When you get the refund for your program then the license will expire.


Renew the program of your device

When the license of the program is expired but you want to use it then you can renew the subscription manually. Open your account and go to the license page. Choose the renew button and type the billing details. Now again the subscription page and check the license. After renewing the license, the user can run the paid tools of the program.

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